2017 Open Legend Campaign: Player Characters

I’m ramping up a new campaign, using the Open Legend roleplaying game. Each of my four players (my kids) came up with a unique character. Here’s a quick summary.


The first completed concept was Hoagie, designed by my second oldest son. Hoagie is a tank. A really small tank. He’s a half-dwarf, standing only about 4’6″. But he’s strong and tough and somewhat agile but a bit dimwitted. He wields a petrified loaf of bread and is a connoisseur of sandwiches. His “manager” is taking him to fight in the gladiatorial arenas of another realm, as the locals have figured him out.


It took some prodding of my oldest son to finish up his concept for Orist, although the basic idea was already there. He’s a elvish fire elementalist with a penchant for ancient civilizations. He’s spent most of his life pent up in libraries and such researching ancient, extinct civilizations. He’s been recently given a means to seek them out in person.


Mikey is my youngest son’s thief. He’s based roughly on the Shadowdancer archetype (published in a shared spreadsheet), with the ability to do quickly teleport behind a victim to stab them in the back. He’ll steal anything that isn’t nailed down and that will fetch a handsome price. But now he’s on the run from his own thieves guild.


Pearl is the creation of my daughter, who wanted to join with her older brothers. She’s a hunter that’s been touched by magic. She’s also been haunted by a mysterious beast while growing up with her family of 8 siblings. She’s on a mission to determine the nature of this beast that once tried to steal her from her room.