A Change in Player Characters

We’ve now played two sessions of A Star Once Fallen. Unfortunately, the first session ended poorly.

The player of Mikey, the thief, took the concept of “take anything not nailed down” a bit too far. He got an entire village mad at him and caused one of the other player’s characters to attack him. While Hoagie intended only to stop Mikey, he ended up knocking Mikey unconscious. Pearl healed him, but then he took off. Armed with blow guns, the village warriors shot poisoned darts into him. They then escorted him and Orist out of the village and told them never to come back.

Mikey’s player ended up in tears. His character ended up being fine, but he had be ganged up upon and his brother’s character had attacked him. I blame myself for not making it abundantly clear that his actions were going to cause immense problems. All the characters were well played, although I’m not sure Mikey’s actions were reasonable once he was caught. As it ended up, though, a new character was created and our second session went off with minimal problems. There was a bit of “why did I get hurt,” but I think we’re getting over those problems.

Dwayne Stoneforge and The Rock

The new character is a dwarf who has incredible stone manipulation powers. In fact, he’s able to transform himself into living stone, specifically a proto-stone dragon. Dwayne left the subterranean world of his brethren because he loves the outdoors. When the need arises, he’s able to transform into The Rock, a stony force of barely contained destruction. Hopefully Dwayne’s tendency to make tiny, short lived stone statues doesn’t get him into too much trouble.

❶ See the original character introductions for more details on the characters.

❷ Orist, in a hurry to protect himself, overly intimidated the tiny Wapuny they were up against.

❸ Yes, we went there.

❹ No, I don’t know what a stone dragon is. I’ll figure it before The Rock fully evolves. I hope.